Your Lawn Needs to Breathe

Your Lawn Needs to Breathe

Help it get air and nutrients through lawn aeration in Phillipsburg, NJ

Just like you, your lawn needs air, water and nutrients to stay healthy. When your yard gets a lot of use or hasn't had proper care previously, it can be harder for your grass to thrive. Marino's Lawn Care is here to help by providing lawn aeration services in Phillipsburg, NJ and the surrounding community.

Our aeration process will help to alleviate waterlogging and soil compaction so your lawn's roots can breathe again. Spring and summer are the best seasons for aeration. Contact us today to get started.

3 signs you need aeration services

If you're unsure about your yard's health, look at the signs. Your lawn may need aeration services if...

  1. The lawn was established by sod and soil layering
  2. Your lawn recently had construction equipment on it
  3. The grass dries out easily and feels spongy
Heavy equipment or foot traffic in your yard can lead to problems like soil compaction and stunted grass growth. Don't wait until you see problems to start thinking about aeration. Call 908-319-4519 now to schedule aeration services.